What is TraceForce?

TraceForce is a tactical maps app for your smartphone to improve information sharing in airsoft/paintball/milsim.

Advantages for players:

  • keep track of your teammates
  • navigate around the field
  • share markers with your team

Advantages for field owners & game hosts:

  • keep track of all the players
  • coordinate your marshalls
  • stay informed about the game situation

TraceForce is still in development. Stay tuned for more!

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Find your way around the field. Cardinal directions, distances, areas and more will help you to strike with precision!

Share your position, vitality status and custom POIs with your team. Stay informed about the situation!

Create your own custom map overlays for your fields, game modes and events.

Keep calm and operate. Energy and data plan efficient design to go easy on your resources.

Future Plans

Hardware and software integration in terms of data visualization, mesh networking, as well as game props. Top secret 🤫

Notifications for ingame events and location dependend information, keeping you up to date and safe. 📯

Interactive game elements, electronic gadgets or via GPS location of players. Spice it up a little! 🌶️

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