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What is TraceForce?

TraceForce is a digital mission map, a mobile application for your smartphone, offering means to improve your game of airsoft & scenario paintball.

Players can:

  • keep track of your teammates
  • explore special areas, targets, POIs and game/field rules
  • navigate around the field more easily

Field owners/hosts can:

  • create custom overlays for your field and/or games
  • provide texts for rules and game types
  • keep track of players and have access to their information

And that’s not all. Stay tuned for more to come!


Find your way around the field easier. Cardinal directions, distances, areas and more will help you to strike with precision.

Share your position with your teammates. Never lose track of your buddies again and take advantage of regrouping more effiently.

Create custom map overlays for your field and even for special events. Let players prepare themselves upfront and leave no questions open.

Future Plans

Smartwatch and Smartglasses integration, just like in the movies! Providing easier access to the information you need.

Notifications for ingame events and location dependend information, keeping you up to date and safe.

Create POIs (e.g. enemy position, locations to regroup at) and share them with your team, to communicate precise locations and strike with more precision.

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