Frequently Asked Questions


How can I add/edit a field?

Fields can be created and edited in the app. Everyone can create fields but please only create real airsoft and paintball fields. I might also accept if you have a huge garden and do nerf wars in it.
To edit a field you either need to be the creator, a fieldadmin or a superadmin. If you are the owner of one of the fields and don’t have access, contact to become a fieldadmin.
Requesting access is also possible from the options menu on the fields details screen. In the end, it will also just open an email with the fields data and I will add you manually to the list of admins.

How can I get a field verified?

Only superadmins can set a field status to verified. I will regularly review fields myself. Adding more information to the field (e.g. website, facebook) helps. If you want to speed things up, you can drop me a message ( If there isn’t more data to add, nor is it visibly a field on maps etc… you can e.g. attach a photo of the field preferably with players on it. If you really want it added, we’ll get it done somehow. 😊

How can I delete a field?

Fields can be removed from the list from the options menu on the fields details screen. Fields will still be kept in database just marked as deleted, to be able to prevent data loss from accidental deletion.

How can I add/edit an overlay?

Admins can create overlays for fields. Everyone else will soon be able to do so.

Whats the difference between base and regular overlays?

The base overlays elements will always be displayed. It should contain the basic data such as the field border, buildings, safezones and other static elements.

Base overlay data currently can only be edited with the base overlay editor. This is subject to change, e.g. buildings will be editable ingame at some point.

Overlays are to be used for game and event specific elements such as objectives and special zones.


My field has no cell coverage, can i use WiFi?

Yes you can! For Android you should make sure your devices apply no battery optimizations to TraceForce (see warning at first starts). Some devices (like my Samsung Tab Active 2) also have a setting for keeping WiFi turned on, which seems to be advisable too.

Are there any known issues?

Have a look at the changelog and see the versions above the newest released one (✅). I use this Google document as a roadmap and issue tracker for the public. 


How to disable battery optimization on Android?

The energy saving dialog in Android will show the wrong list initially. There should be a drop-down on top to go to the Optimized apps, as you want TF to be NOT optimized. It’s counter intuitive, as Android wants you to save energy (thus be more happy) which is bad e.g. for tracking apps.


I want to support you. Will it be free forever?

TraceForce will NOT be free forever, I want to be clear and honest about that. Parts of the app (maybe in the form of a team/squad mode) shall stay free. But I am planning to add microtransactions for events that want to use all features and capabilities. This way a negligible amount of the ticket income will help to fund maintenance and development of TraceForce. 🙇‍♂️