Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add a field?

Fields can be created and edited inside the app.

How can I add custom map overlays to a field?

This is currently in development and will be available soon!

My field has no cell coverage, can i use WiFi?

Yes you can! For Android you should make sure your devices apply no battery optimizations to TraceForce (see warning at first starts). Some devices (like my Samsung Tab Active 2) also have a setting for keeping WiFi turned on, which seems to be advisable too.

I want to support you. Will it be free forever?

TraceForce will NOT be free forever, I want to be clear and honest about that. Parts of the app (maybe in the form of a team/squad mode) shall stay free. But I am planning to add microtransactions for events that want to use all features and capabilities. This way a negligible amount of the ticket income will help to fund maintenance and development of TraceForce. 🙇‍♂️