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Want to order? Please drop me a mail to, as I have no shop setup yet. Patches will be sent in an envelope with tracking and I will pay for half of the shipping costs.

TraceForce Spreadshirt Shop

Go check out the TraceForce Spreadshirt Shop to grab your A-10 mask or other swag (more to come).

5×5 Embroidered Patches (out of stock)

• A limited edition patch (18 pieces) approx. 5cm x 5cm
• Available in tan on olive (10) and olive on tan (8)
• Simple and beautiful design, handmade (every piece is unique)
• Embroidered in my living room with my lovely wife’s machine
• Sewn onto velcro with ❤️ by me
• (I have 7 more olive ones, but I am currently out off velcro)

Olive on Tan: 10€
Tan on Olive: 8€
Prices including VAT, excluding shipping

Disclaimer: The tan fabric is more of a light yellowish green. The tan yarn is more of a greyish brown. So please don’t expect the colors to be accurately matching your uniform. However, the olive patch will match darker camouflage better, and the tan patch will look fine on tan. 🤔